Worldwide Shopping on Instagram

Instagram logoExcited to have launched our latest project during the Easter weekend and pleased to be in the vanguard of those small businesses seeking to take advantage of the steady rise of worldwide online shopping. The monetisation of Instagram, by way of the introduction of a new “View product / See more / Shop Now” icon linked via an underlying Facebook catalogue to our website, should make it altogether easier for buyers to make purchases from a smartphone, and is thus likely to broaden our potential customer base.

The requirement, as part of this exercise, to create a Facebook Shop together with it’s attendant catalogue, whilst labour intensive, will we believe nevertheless prove over time to be of value in driving more prospective purchasers to the website. Clearly however, many hours of dedicated listing and editing of Facebook Shop entries lie ahead before we are able to replicate in full the extensive inventory of stock that we carry. Plenty of work then to be done, which ought at least serve to keep us out of mischief.