To Auction ~ Or Not ?

Auction Room IconAs will be perfectly clear to those who take the trouble to investigate the matter, auction salerooms, which usually capture the imagination of the public when some item of great importance or value makes the headlines, more typically act on a day-to-day basis as clearing houses for unwanted goods of every sort. Deceased Estates and Bankrupt Stock, these together with surplus items of every description routinely making up the Auctioneer’s stock in trade.

So when should you choose the saleroom as being likely to prove the most effective and profitable channel for the disposal of your unwanted goods ? Broadly speaking, we suggest that there are two groups of effects that merit marketing via this route.

The First :- If the items are of low value and have cost you nothing to speak of, { always assuming of course that you can find an Auctioneer who can see a likely profit in the transaction, and who is willing to take them in }, such that, after costs, you will be left with money in hand.

The Second :- At the other end of the scale ~ If the items are judged to be perhaps rare, desirable and of high value, in which case, they should, following suitable investigation, be consigned to a specialist auction with a knowledgeable and well qualified professional Auctioneer.

Sadly, it is the case that, the vast majority of items fall “between two stools” in this scenario, and, even after making due allowance for “Lady Luck”, are unlikely in general to bring great cheer to the average Seller, this despite the much vaunted claims of television personalities that “the auction room” will invariably determine “the right price”. Thus is it the case that the saleroom is, in practice, an arena in which the “Lion’s share” of the dividends accruing from the proceedings generally find their way into the pockets of the Buyer.