Thank You N.H.S.

NHS2Monday, 27 July ~ An unscheduled visit to Shrewsbury Hospital rather spoiled the day’s proceedings ~ Just about to set off to the Post Office to dispatch an order when disaster struck in the form of an uninvited medical emergency ~ Delightful Ugandan District Nurse called, who sadly was unable successfully to deal with the problem, and so, following a telephone discussion with my G.P., it was off once again to Unit 33, the Surgical Assessment Unit, where the engaging young Duty Doctor and her colleague were successful in putting matters to rights ~ Unplanned Hospital visits such as this never fail to impress upon one the vital, and all too often unsung dedication of all, both clinical and ancillary Staff who day in and day out administer relief and solace to their stricken charges. Empty political gestures such as “clapping for nurses” can in no adequate measure repay the commitment demanded of N.H.S. employees in carrying out their often onerous duties. What is required rather is the proper provision of protective equipment together with financial rewards that reflect in full measure the value of the services that they provide ~