Shipping Costs…….

The CoronaVirus pandemic may have caused a slump in business on the High Street, but it appears to have done nothing whatsoever to slow the exponential increase in the cost of shipping goods overseas. While the Internet has taken much of the hassle out of exporting goods around the world, it has to be admitted that, after taking into account the various add-on costs involved in processing overseas transactions, the profit margins are all too often paper thin. The seemingly endless rise in these costs, by rendering much potential business barely profitable thus makes many otherwise attractive deals of questionable value ~

Since it is our settled policy, insofar as possible, to place business locally, we have for many years used the excellent Royal Mail and Parcelforce services provided by our local Post Office. Conscious of the ever present risk of items going missing during transit, for goods consigned for U.K. Delivery, we use either Royal Mail Special Delivery or Parcelforce 24, both Tracked premium services providing Loss in Transit insurance cover and guaranteeing Next Business Day delivery. For many years, we have offered these enhanced delivery services Free of Charge to our U.K. Clients ~

For overseas orders, where the likelihood of goods going missing whilst in transit is, if anything, even greater, our dispatches are all made using Royal Mail AirMail / Air freight or Parcelforce Global Priority, once again both Tracked Express services. Such premium products of course do not come cheaply, but they do offer that element of added security and thus “Peace of mind” reassuring to both Buyer and Seller ~

The decision of the U.S. Administration to set terminal dues / prices themselves from the 1st of July 2020, this in order to increase how much they charge other countries for “last mile” delivery ~ means that as from that date, European logistics companies will see a significant increase of over 100% in the rates payable for “last mile” delivery in the U.S., which costs Royal Mail have announced will be passed on to their customers. The decision will result in the introduction of a new pricing zone for international parcel services, “Rest of World Zone A (USA)”, the effect of which will undoubtedly be to render much U.S. business far less profitable and thus, sadly, less attractive ~