Selling your Antiques ~ Our Advice

For SaleLike most Antique Dealers we tend normally to buy the vast bulk of our stock at auction. There are many perfectly good reasons for this, not the least of which is that goods purchased in this way can be shown to have been acquired both legally and fairly within a properly regulated professional arena. That there are auctions conducted on a daily basis all over the country, where a vast selection of goods may be viewed and purchased, often online, wholly contradicts the old adage that there exists a “shortage of stock”, a myth perpetuated by certain sections of “the Trade”, and this in turn renders null and void the notion that Dealers are desperate to purchase whatever may be on offer.

Since we ourselves are approached on an almost daily basis with offers of goods for sale, in light of the above, our standard advice is that, when seeking to dispose of your surplus antiques and collectables, you should in the first instance seek the advice of a professionally qualified Fine Art Auctioneer, in order to establish their likely current commercial value. Following such appraisal, you may then decide either to dispose of the items at auction, or, with a fair idea of their value in mind, offer them directly to the Trade. Clearly, we are always pleased to consider the purchase of suitable items, the disposal of which may be under consideration. We would stress however that we are unable to offer an Online Valuation Service, nor is it our policy to make “open offers” for such goods when offered to us online, since we regard physical examination of the article in question to be an essential component of appraisal.

A most important point to grasp here is one which many Sellers find difficult to come to terms with. This is the hard fact that there is, in general terms, no such thing as the “right price” for antiques and collectables, for while television personalities may often be heard to remark that “the auction room” will decide the right price for an object, this is but a half truth at best. Rather should it be understood that, in similar manner to the Stock Market, the right price is only such at a particular moment in time, in a particular place, be it the auction room or elsewhere, and in a particular set of circumstances.

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