Antique Dealing and Social Media

Political CartoonSocial Media can, let’s face it , be both addictively absorbing and at the same time, lots of fun. As a set of networking tools, Twitter, Facebook, et al, properly utilised, have the potential to expand not only one’s circle of friends, but in a business context, to both broaden and deepen your organisation’s customer base. But at what cost ?

Well, for most of us, the investment required is largely one of time, which , depending upon one’s position, may, or may not, be considered to be a relevant expense in accounting terms. Once a programme of SEO enhancement via social media is embarked upon however, the costs in financial terms can, as with other aspects of marketing, rapidly spiral out of control unless these are stringently monitored and controlled.

A criticism frequently levelled, often with some justification, at large organisations is that their internal “systems”, however necessary, can come to be regarded as being more important than their customers. Taking our cue from this, we must seek to ensure that our preoccupation with Social Media and the statistical analyses that flow from it do not encourage us to take our “eyes off the ball”, by concentrating on traffic flows rather than sales and thus substituting statistics for that all important personage “the Customer”.