Social Media ~ Further Reflections

Political CartoonSocial Media ~ Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ~ All three of which we ourselves presently use, may at times prove interesting, often indeed fascinating, and are most certainly, undeniably, addictive. However, in considering their effectiveness as marketing aids, is the time devoted to these currently fashionable networking tools really worthwhile, or have we all of us simply been carried away, swept along if you like, by the sales promotion and hype associated with them ?

Few will deny the underlying value of networking in the broadest sense of that term ~ Whether it be meeting new or existing clients, colleagues or professionals of one sort or another at social functions, business events, or simply “down at the pub”. A key ingredient here being “the personal touch”, which intangible factor is by definition, extremely difficult to transmute into an online persona.

Notwithstanding the reams of analysis and comment attaching to it, for small businesses, the meaningful measurement of advertising results is generally acknowledged to be notoriously difficult. So too it would seem is it the case with Social Media, for while we ourselves can boast of having almost eleven thousand Twitter Followers, we have, to date, despite rigorous analysis, been unable definitively to attribute one single sale to our use of that platform.

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