Re-writing History……………

ColstonLots of re-examination of past historical misdeeds taking place at the moment in the wake of the removal of Slave Trader, Edward Colston’s statue from it’s formerly elevated position in the City of Bristol. For a thorough understanding and appreciation of the facts underlying this particular case, we would recommend the excellent article by Professor Madge Dresser published in the current issue of Apollo Magazine.

While we cannot re-write history, we can of course seek to re-interpret and thus re-evaluate both the historical events themselves and also the characters who were destined perhaps to have played some significant role in shaping what occurred in days gone by ~

The Lion SlayerIn parallel with the now altered public perception of many once widely admired political and civic personages, there has come about a widespread awareness of, and hence a rising tide of opposition to, the abuse and exploitation of the natural world and in particular of the animal kingdom. The Antique Staffordshire Figure here illustrated glorifies the deeds of the 19th Century Big Game Hunter, Roualyn George Gordon Cumming, feted in his day as “The Lion Hunter”, whose activities would today bring down upon him the ire and condemnation of most civilised people. There remains of course much to be done, in the fields both of education and legislation, but it is of the utmost importance that the work of constant re-appraisal should continue, rather in the manner of Mao Zedong’s “Continuous Revolution Theory”, which task we are each of us duty bound to support ~