Pair of Antique English Georgian W.S. Patent Telescopic Brass Candlesticks

A rare Pair of Early 19th Century Antique English Georgian Patent Telescopic Brass Candlesticks of lovely colour and of documentary interest. Although the simple draw-up mechanism allows the upper part of each stick to be completely withdrawn from the lower base, nevertheless, and somewhat surprisingly, the candlesticks remain in place if a little unsteady when raised, as illustrated in Image 2. We remain undecided as to the originality or otherwise of the inset wooden bases, but are inclined to regard them as later additions. Of far greater import is the fact that the base of each stick is stamped with the device of a crown and the letters W.S. PATENT, possibly for William Sargent, using the patent of Eckhardt and Morton, { Ref. A Study Collection of Marked Domestic Brass and other Base Metalware c.1600-c.1900, by Roderick and Valentine Butler, 2001. } According to the late Ronald F. Michaelis, probably today regarded as the most respected authority on the subject, only some one in a thousand antique candlesticks are to be found bearing Maker’s Marks.

Height when closed ~ 15.80 cm. / 6.25 inches ~ Height when raised ~ 24.20 cm. / 9.50 inches ~ Width ~ 9.50 cm. / 3.75 inches ~ Depth ~ 9.50 cm. / 3.75 inches ~ Year ~ Circa 1803.

Given their rarity, { we have had only two pairs of such candlesticks, complete with Maker’s Marks pass through our hands in the past twenty years }, our expectation would be to sell this pair into either a major metalware collection or to a museum. We therefore would counsel caution before deciding upon a purchase in this case, in that, while within the terms of our condition report, we make clear that their mechanism is in order, this pair really are more suitable for display, academic or otherwise, rather than everyday use on the dining table. They should therefore be regarded purely as decorative objects of historical / academic interest, rather than there being any reliance placed upon their utility as to their original purpose, and are therefore offered strictly upon this basis.

We are pleased to acknowledge and to extend our Thanks to Vin Callcut of for his kind assistance in researching this item.


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