Antique English Georgian Blue and White Transfer “Eastern Street Scene” Pattern Pottery Dish ~ John & Richard Riley ~ Sack 2-10

A most attractive Early 19th Century Antique English Georgian Blue and White Transfer Pierced Pottery Chestnut or Dessert Basket Stand of Indian interest by John and Richard Riley of Burslem, Staffordshire { 1802 – 1828 }, printed in the “Eastern Street Scene” pattern, { Sack 2-10 }, one of an identical pair presently available ex stock. The scene, a composite of two prints, was taken from Thomas & William Daniell’s “Oriental Scenery and Views in Hindoostan”, Parts I and II”, published by Robert Bowyer at the Historic Gallery, Pall Mall, London, between 1795 and 1807. The tree on the left is from, “The Sacred Tree of the Hindoos at Gyah, Bahar”, (Part I, 15). The buildings on the right are from “View on the Chitpore Road, Calcutta”, (Part II, 2). See Michael Archer, “Indian Themes in English Pottery”, Apollo, Vol. XCII, No. 102, August 1970, { Stock Ref. AXCII102A1970-XX }, and Michael Sack’s “India on Transferware”, { 2009 }, Pages 38 and 39. Printed in a deep blue palette, and signed upon the reverse with the printed Maker’s mark in underglaze blue.

Height ~ 19.50 cm. / 7.75 inches ~ Width ~ 24.75 cm. / 9.75 inches

Year ~ Circa 1820 ~



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