Polly put the kettle on………

Copper KettleMusing on old domestic utensils, my thoughts wandered back to childhood visits to my maternal Great-Grandmother’s home in West Derby, Liverpool. As a child, I would repair each Saturday to 10, Starfield Street, where a regular treat was to be expected in the form of a chocolate cream sandwich cake procured from Lefevre & Martin’s patisserie around the corner on West Derby Road. Not that the shop was ever referred to as such, “Levy and Martin’s cakeshop” being the accepted nomenclature !

Starfield Street, a typical Victorian “back to back” affair, built in the Mid 19th Century and now long since demolished, took it’s name from Starfield House, which formerly stood upon the site, home to the Astronomer, William Lassell, who built an Observatory there which housed his famous 24-inch reflector telescope ~

Sliding TrivetThe focal point of life at Number 10, was the kitchen range, with it’s gleaming brass and black-leaded grate, in which a fire always burned brightly and where a copper kettle would sit bubbling away, ever at the ready to make a pot of tea. In those days, nobody drank coffee, or insofar as they did, it was made on special occasions with milk and regarded rather as a treat ~ Happy Days ~