Online Valuations……………

To return once more to this vexed subject, following a spate of email requests to value items on behalf of enquirers wishing to dispose of unwanted goods from as far away as Australia.

In response to these enquiries, we genuinely offer what we regard as honest advice which is at all times intended to be helpful. Our Contact Form clearly directs clients to our Terms and Conditions page where, under the heading “Selling your Antiques”, this carefully considered advice is fully explained. Despite this, we are constantly bombarded with requests for online valuations, which we ourselves believe are of little or no value, regarding it as necessary physically to examine the goods in order to conduct a valid appraisal.

A most important point to grasp here is one which many Sellers find difficult to come to terms with. This is the hard fact that there is, in general terms, no such thing as the “right price” for antiques and collectables, for while television personalities may often be heard to remark that “the auction room” will decide the right price for an object, this is but a half truth at best. Rather should it be understood that, in similar manner to the Stock Market, the right price is only such at a particular moment in time, in a particular place, be it the auction room or elsewhere, and in a particular set of circumstances.