Jack Point ~ Gilbert and Sullivan’s Strolling Jester

Jack Point HN 2080The theatre has long proved a fruitful source of inspiration for the Potters of Staffordshire, this fine porcelain figure of “Jack Point” providing an excellent example of this symbiosis.

Gilbert and Sullivan’s Savoy Opera, “ The Yeomen of the Guard”, or “The Merryman and his Maid” premiered at the Savoy Theatre in London’s Covent Garden on 3rd October 1888. The Royal Doulton character figurine here illustrated depicts “Jack Point” the comic baritone strolling jester sadly destined to have his heart broken at the close of Act II, due to his unrequited love for Elsie, the young soprano ~

Collectors of theatrical memorabilia, whilst fully conscious of the fact that Gilbert and Sullivan’s work has presently fallen out of fashion, will, we are confident, not be alone in appreciating this fine example of Staffordshire craftsmanship ~