Ginger & Pickles………….

Reflecting upon a week which has brought forth more than it’s fair share of time wasters and pseudo “customers”, we sought out our childhood copy of Beatrix Potter’s “Ginger & Pickles”, which delightful though cautionary tale, is guaranteed to bring a knowing smile to the lips of all who have spent time “entertaining” such people either in the shop or at the fair ~

We are of course delighted to acknowledge that every day we receive our fair share of enquiries, many of which are from people seeking to sell items to us. To these we normally respond by directing the enquirer to the clause on our Terms and Conditions page, “Selling your Antiques”, where we set out our honest and settled advice on this matter ~

To all those who present themselves as seeking to purchase from us, we endeavour to respond in a courteous, helpful and truthful manner, “a la Ginger & Pickles” albeit conscious that whilst some enquiries are wholly genuine and will perhaps lead to an order being placed, others are simply “fishing” for information, having perhaps found something on eBay, a platform notorious for incorrect and misleading descriptions, which they wish to validate using our expertise. Given that we hold much of our stock for many years, it is our policy on receiving what we judge to be enquiries of this latter type, to at that point review the item in question, often amending the price ~

There are those who will protest, as did one chap this week, that this is most unfair, to which we would respond that, as we constantly seek to stress, there is no such thing as “the right price” for antiques and collectables, but rather is it the case that, as with stocks and shares, our prices will move up and down in accordance with { a } what market forces dictate, and { b } what we ourselves judge to be the right assessment of value in the current market. What many, particularly British collectors it would seem, clearly find difficult to accept is that what may appear to be a fair price for an item in say Sussex, may be regarded as quite another matter when viewed through the prism of a Buyer in Los Angeles, Melbourne or Tokyo. Unfair this may be, but, as we have long since come to realise, notions of fairness play but little part in such calculations ~