Dealers in The Old, The Rare and The Beautiful

Apple LogoMany years ago, when casting about for a suitably descriptive text which, when appended to our business name, would convey a clear picture of our activities, we happened upon the following lines in a then popular antiques journal, “A magazine for lovers of The Old, The Rare and The Beautiful”. Perfectly apposite we thought and since imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, we promptly adopted and adapted the relevant phrases, appending them to our business name which ever since that day has been styled, “Applecross, Dealers in The Old, The Rare and The Beautiful”.

Aha, you may say, that’s all very well, but does such claim, upon close scrutiny, bear critical examination? After all, the Antiques Trade is awash with those whose cavalier interchange of the terms old, antique, vintage and collectable, whilst often giving rise to inadvertent dishonesty, is widely considered to be wholly acceptable.

Our response is to stress that everything that we deal in is old ~ If we describe an article as Antique, then we guarantee that it is at least one hundred years old ~ If described as Vintage, then we guarantee that it is at least fifty years of age. Under no circumstances do we deal in or stock modern reproductions. Insofar as we may deal in 20th Century works, such a Studio Ceramics and Paintings, we endeavour always to describe the provenance of such items clearly and in detail, including the circa date of their production.

Many items which pass through our stock are rare, this in the sense that they are difficult to find, obtain or replace in today’s marketplace. Many everyday domestic items which once were to be found in abundance are today extremely difficult to source and, in addition to this, the ravages of Time mean that once acquired they will often be found to be in need of expensive restoration and refurbishment.

Beauty is, as has so often been remarked, “In the eye of the beholder” and, we seek to fulfil this particular claim to quality by only ever buying pieces for our stock which not only merit our attention, but which also, whilst pleasing to the eye, give rise to that deeper satisfaction that stirs the heart.