Collecting ~ Some Tips for Beginners

Applecross AntiquesForming a collection can prove to be a most rewarding activity and, whatever your underlying interest, you may be confident that, within the world of antiques and collectables, you will find an area that will complement your chosen subject and will reward your enthusiasm in full measure. It matters not whether your collecting springs from an academic interest in your area of choice, is connected perhaps with your job or occupation, or is purely a matter of whimsy, your starting point being some item that simply took your fancy. The important thing is that you should derive both pleasure from the things that you acquire and, over time, satisfaction from your collection.

Useful questions to ask yourself each time that you are considering a purchase:-

Do I Like it ? ~ Having decided upon your chosen collecting theme, make sure that you buy only items that you really like. Be discriminating and, above all, ignore the advice of those who would seek to convince you that something or other is “a good buy”. Study your subject and then follow your intuition.

Do I Want it ? ~ Having found something that you rather like, ask yourself whether or not you really want it ~ Will it “fit in” to your collection, complementing your existing treasures, or would the funds available be better deployed on something else that will perhaps enhance your collection to greater effect.

Can I Afford it ? ~ Crucially important of course ~ Clearly, if your budget runs only to collecting Crested China, there is little point in seeking to  build a collection of Georgian Furniture ~ Be not dismayed however, for there is room for everyone in the World of Collecting, whatever your depth of pocket or however meagre your resources may be.

Over the coming weeks and months then, we shall, in our perhaps, rather “old fashioned” way, seek to pass on our advice, garnered over some four decades of trading, in the hope that Collectors both young and “young at heart”, may take pleasure in benefiting in some small measure from our experience.