Collecting Royal Doulton ~ Ebb Tide

AbdullahHN1410Prices for Royal Doulton antiques and collectables have for the moment retreated somewhat from the dizzy heights attained a decade ago. However, you should not allow this fact to deter you in your quest to seek out the best quality pieces available in the marketplace.

Whether to concentrate on pots, plates, or figurines is an entirely subjective matter and your choice will depend upon your own tastes, preferences and of course budget. We ourselves tend to favour Pre – 1950 figurines, ideally signed in script with the byline, “Potted by Doulton & Co., and decorative plates and dishes, wherever possible signed and date coded. Naturally such pieces will cost more than their later or unsigned equivalents, but always bear in mind that, when collecting, as in so many other fields of endeavour, generally speaking, “You get what you pay for”.

Collecting is essentially a long term activity and, allowing for the vagaries of fashion, here at Applecross, we sincerely believe that the very best of Royal Doulton’s enormous output, right across the product range, is at present seriously undervalued and offers a real opportunity for those with “Eyes to see”.

Always buy the very best that you can afford and, if buying in batches at auction, remember our Golden Rule ~ “Keep the Best and Sell the Rest” ~ That way, long after you’ve forgotten the price, you’ll still delight in the quality of your collection.

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