Collecting on a Budget ~ Crested China II ~ Déjà vu

Crested WareFollowing Monday’s Post, we stumbled, purely by coincidence, upon this article, “Seaside Souvenirs”, published in “The Telegraph” in July 2013, on the basis of which we can at least claim to be consistent in our advice !

Alan Miller of Applecross Antiques said: “Goss and the other crested ware models produced by their peers most certainly epitomise the fashion for taking home a seaside souvenir which developed in the late Victorian era as a result of the development of the railway network and the benefits of cheap travel which came with it.

Many collectors build their collections around a particular theme, perhaps the place of their birth, a certain county or school, or indeed the place in which they themselves have over the years enjoyed holidaying. Prices for the vast majority of pieces to be found in the marketplace are low in real terms, and should not prove a barrier to anyone considering collecting in this field”.

He advised that collectors should avoid damaged or restored pieces and added, “As far as possible, stick to perfect items with little or no rubbing to either the transferred arms or any gilding.”

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