Collecting Old Pewter…….

Pewter Coffee UrnFrom the 17th Century onwards, pewter was increasingly used throughout Europe for a wide variety of domestic utensils, pewter plates and platters for example commonly replacing the earlier turned “treen” articles, while every Inn and hostelry would have it’s complement of pewter mugs and tankards. For those who could not afford such utensils in silver, polished pewter offered a perfectly acceptable substitute and has, as a result, often been referred to as “Poor man’s silver” ~

In today’s marketplace, genuine examples of Antique and Vintage Pewter, many of them originating as domestic kitchen utensils are avidly sought after by Collectors and Interior Decorators. Mugs, Tankards, Plates, Dishes, Moulds, Candlesticks, Coffee and Tea Pots, all of these and more are nowadays granted a new lease of life as treasured objects worthy of collection and display ~

Blending perfectly as it does with period brass and copper items as well as with rustic earthenware dishes, old pewter can be used to great effect in creating an attractive “country cottage” ambience, whether displayed on an old pine or oak dresser, or in some suitable nook or embrasure ~