Collecting on a Budget ~ Crested China

From the 1840’s onward, the development of Britain’s railway system gave birth to what was increasingly to become a popular feature of Late Victorian society, the “seaside holiday”, the popularity of which continues unabated to this day. This in turn stimulated the demand for “souvenirs”, and in the 1880’s, the firm of W.H. Goss began […]

Under the Influence~ Antiques and Television

Whilst the enduring popularity of programmes such as “The Antiques Roadshow” and it’s peers cannot be denied, their effect upon the Antiques Trade, as viewed by many of those who depend upon that sometimes erratic occupation for their livelihood, is however often the subject of rather more mixed emotions, occasionally leading to some series being […]

Let there be Light ~ Collecting Antique Candlesticks

As evening approaches and darkness falls, just sit quietly and try to imagine life without electricity or gas, things which today we all of us simply take for granted. Now light a candle and relax in the soft and gentle illumination which it’s steady flame gives forth, reflecting that, for hundreds of years, this was […]

Collecting ~ Some Tips for Beginners

Forming a collection can prove to be a most rewarding activity and, whatever your underlying interest, you may be confident that, within the world of antiques and collectables, you will find an area that will complement your chosen subject and will reward your enthusiasm in full measure. It matters not whether your collecting springs from […]


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