Shipping Costs…….

The CoronaVirus pandemic may have caused a slump in business on the High Street, but it appears to have done nothing whatsoever to slow the exponential increase in the cost of shipping goods overseas. While the Internet has taken much of the hassle out of exporting goods around the world, it has to be admitted […]

The Trade…………..

So you aspire to become an Antique Dealer ~ First of all then ask yourself Why ~ What is it about The Trade that you find so attractive ? If it’s simply a matter of aesthetics, then might you not be more suited training to become an Auctioneer, in which case you can enjoy handling […]

Ginger & Pickles………….

Reflecting upon a week which has brought forth more than it’s fair share of time wasters and pseudo “customers”, we sought out our childhood copy of Beatrix Potter’s “Ginger & Pickles”, which delightful though cautionary tale, is guaranteed to bring a knowing smile to the lips of all who have spent time “entertaining” such people […]

Re-writing History……………

Lots of re-examination of past historical misdeeds taking place at the moment in the wake of the removal of Slave Trader, Edward Colston’s statue from it’s formerly elevated position in the City of Bristol. For a thorough understanding and appreciation of the facts underlying this particular case, we would recommend the excellent article by Professor […]

Going for a Song……………

After a gap of some years, I enjoyed, during the past weekend, revisiting “Going for a Song ~ English Furniture”, in which the late Arthur Negus, in conversation with Max Robertson, reflects upon his years in the Antiques Trade. As the “resident connoisseur” of the hugely popular television programme which, in the mid 1960’s first […]

Polly put the kettle on………

Musing on old domestic utensils, my thoughts wandered back to childhood visits to my maternal Great-Grandmother’s home in West Derby, Liverpool. As a child, I would repair each Saturday to 10, Starfield Street, where a regular treat was to be expected in the form of a chocolate cream sandwich cake procured from Lefevre & Martin’s […]

Online Valuations……………

To return once more to this vexed subject, following a spate of email requests to value items on behalf of enquirers wishing to dispose of unwanted goods from as far away as Australia. In response to these enquiries, we genuinely offer what we regard as honest advice which is at all times intended to be […]

The Flowerpot Men………

Having enjoyed maintaining the 2.5 acres of lawns, flowerbeds, shrubbery and paddock of a Victorian Rectory during recent years, it really is a pleasure, and, if we’re honest, rather a relief, to have now moved to a modern property with a correspondingly smaller garden ~ Not so much neglected upon our arrival as colourless and […]

Heaven Scent…………

Accounts of Victorian domestic bliss rarely make mention of the problems surrounding the provision both of an adequate water supply and of effective sanitary facilities, the miasmic theory of disease, which held that infection was carried by “bad air”, predominating throughout the 19th Century. Even when the connection between cholera and contaminated water had been […]

“A la recherche du temps perdu”

A classic traditional Sunday afternoon spent at the keyboard, trawling eBay for bargains in a spirit of “where there’s muck there’s brass”, all the while reflecting that there must be many a Trading Standards Officer who could have a field day dealing with the many improperly described items with which the site abounds. That said, […]