Dealers in The Old, The Rare and The Beautiful

Many years ago, when casting about for a suitably descriptive text which, when appended to our business name, would convey a clear picture of our activities, we happened upon the following lines in a then popular antiques journal, “A magazine for lovers of The Old, The Rare and The Beautiful”. Perfectly apposite we thought and […]

Meanwhile ~ On the Rostrum

Enjoyed a memorable and most enjoyable evening at Origins Restaurant in Shrewsbury earlier this week where a charity gala dinner was held to celebrate the 21st anniversary of Shropshire Cat Rescue. Lots of enthusiastic supporters and guests in attendance, all of whom were treated to a delicious meal by the students and staff of Shropshire’s […]

If it’s genuine ? Why do I need a receipt ?

We take great care when listing our online stock offerings to ensure not only that our illustrations and descriptive text are attractive to the reader’s eye, but also, and this it may be argued is of far greater importance, that the details of the item as described are correct in every particular. Our approach is […]

Antiques Centres ~ Dagfields Crafts and Antiques, Nantwich

A really enjoyable Sunday afternoon today spent browsing at Dagfields Crafts and Antiques, located just outside Nantwich, Cheshire, where, with 250 dealers on site, housed in seven buildings, there is certainly plenty to see. Lots to choose from but, as is all too often the case nowadays, the offering largely comprising some thousands of old, […]

On Antiques Price Guides

While there have always been Financial Advisors keen to promote the attractions of “alternative investments”, the series of Price Guides published by The Antique Collectors’ Club of Woodbridge, Suffolk, has done much to encourage the notion of antiques as “investments” in the minds of the British public. The seed of this unreliable thesis first took […]

Salvage Hunters

What a pleasant change to watch Salvage Hunters, a television programme which, while making due allowance for the necessary contrivances indulged in by it’s producers in the quest for entertaining content, has something sensible to say about the real workings of the Antiques Trade. When set against some of the frankly nauseating episodes that we […]

A Bracing Walk around Meole Brace, Shropshire

Today, we spent an interesting morning exploring the environs of Meole Brace, a village which whilst predating the County Town of Shrewsbury in terms of it’s foundation, has long been subsumed by, and may today effectively be regarded as, a district of the latter. Blessed with fine weather, dry but with a sharp wind, our […]

Sir William Oliphant Hutchison PRSA 1889 – 1970

Scottish portrait and landscape painter William Oliphant Hutchison was an Honorary Member of the Royal Academy, President of the Royal Scottish Academy from 1950 to 1959 and a member of the Royal Society of Arts. Knighted in 1953, this self-portrait was executed in London in 1926, where the artist was at that time pursuing a […]

Serendipity ~ A Victorian Delight ~

Much of the pleasure to be derived from both dealing and collecting comes from the discovery, very often by chance, of unexpected minor treasures such as the Victorian porcelain christening mug illustrated here. Although unmarked, this little gem was almost certainly made in Staffordshire in the Mid 19th Century, commissioned by no doubt proud parents […]

Social Media ~ Further Reflections

Social Media ~ Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ~ All three of which we ourselves presently use, may at times prove interesting, often indeed fascinating, and are most certainly, undeniably, addictive. However, in considering their effectiveness as marketing aids, is the time devoted to these currently fashionable networking tools really worthwhile, or have we all of […]