An Undervalued Educational Resource ~


This week we are making good use of our unexpected free time in purdah due to the Coronavirus emergency to add to our listings of Post-Auction catalogues, our archive of which is perhaps one of the largest in the U.K., outside of those held by the major Auctioneers. Access to these latter collections, the content of which forms a valuable commercial database, recording not only the historical movement of prices, but charting over time that largely unquantifiable factor, Fashion, is of course normally unavailable to the General Public, relatively few of whom choose diligently to subscribe to their publication on any regular basis.

Over almost half a century of trading, we have gradually built up an extensive inventory of these largely unappreciated works of reference, many of which are in themselves minor works of applied art, and but a small selection of which are currently listed on our website. We would opine that many are works of enduring value which embody a high level of scholarship, and we thus view with dismay the fact that their contribution to the corpus of knowledge readily available to the Apprentice Dealer and Tyro Collector should be so undervalued and neglected ~