Antiques Centres ~ Dagfields Crafts and Antiques, Nantwich

A really enjoyable Sunday afternoon today spent browsing at Dagfields Crafts and Antiques, located just outside Nantwich, Cheshire, where, with 250 dealers on site, housed in seven buildings, there is certainly plenty to see. Lots to choose from but, as is all too often the case nowadays, the offering largely comprising some thousands of old, if in many cases interesting items, leavened with a sprinkling of new reproductions and an even smaller number of genuinely desirable antiques.

At The Boar's Head Walgherton Cheshire 24 March 2019That said, we experienced a happy and productive visit, leaving with two purchases acquired after due negotiation with Debbie and her husband, following which we repaired to a nearby hostelry, The Boar’s Head at Walgherton. Here we relaxed with a shared Fish Platter, imaginatively presented and delicious to boot, all washed down with an inexpensive bottle of Spanish white wine.

Centres like Dagfields, popular venues as they are with the general public, are at the same time happy hunting grounds for the Trade, in that, many of those trading from such premises are amateurs in the very best and most kindly meant sense of that word, and are, unsurprisingly, often lacking in in-depth knowledge of current market values, which situation thus represents a buying opportunity for the professional dealer or astute collector. Bargains may therefore be concluded to the complete satisfaction of both Buyer and Seller, thus offering the “best of both worlds” to all concerned.