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Pair of Staffordshire SpanielsFounded in 1975, and celebrating our 44th Year in the Trade in 2019, Applecross are Professional Dealers in 18th – 20th Century Antiques, Vintage Collectables, Auction, Trade, Exhibition and Museum Catalogues, Art and Antiques Reference Books, Journals and Literary Works.

Our extensive archive of Auction Catalogues is among the most comprehensive in the United Kingdom.Trading Antiques Online since 1999, we seek to offer to our clients, Courteous, “Old-Fashioned”, but above all, Professional Service, of the sort that, sadly, is now all too often regarded as “Out of Date” in today’s business environment.


Our Guarantee

Clews Castle Tureen and CoverOur Guarantee unconditionally guarantees that all stock offered by our Online Store is as represented, and all purchases are supplied by us in good faith, together with our detailed Online Receipt and Certificate of Authenticity.

Applecross Warranty

Furthermore, for your peace of mind, Our unique Applecross Warranty invites you to “Buy it, Enjoy it, and Take Good Care of it”, subject to which conditions, we undertake to accept back any item, other than books, catalogues and journals, purchased from us, and to credit the full original sale price against your next purchase should an item no longer be required.

Once your order has been placed with us, it will normally be packed and shipped within 24 business hours of fully cleared settlement. All orders, whether intended for delivery within the U.K. or overseas, are despatched via Royal Mail Express, Tracked and Signed For Services and are delivered Free of Charge within the U.K.

To Buy Or Not To Buy Antiques?

It has never been our policy to recommend that our clients should buy antiques for investment, despite the vogue for “alternative investments” promoted in some quarters during recent years. The market for art and antiques is driven by many factors, not the least of which is fashion, the result being that, just as with stocks, rather like a game of “Snakes and Ladders”, the index of prices can slide down just as quickly as it can spring up.

With this in mind, we recommend that, when considering a purchase, you should ask yourself three simple questions. Do I like it? Do I want it? and of course, Can I afford it? If the answer to all three questions is Yes, then, go right ahead, buy the item and enjoy it. Should your purchase subsequently prove to have been a good investment, as indeed many collectors have found to be the case, then consider that good fortune as a bonus. That said, we would nonetheless emphasise that it remains our policy strongly to caution against buying antiques for investment with financial appreciation as your primary aim.

The underlying reason for this was succinctly, if waspishly summarised by the critic, the late A.A. Gill who wrote, ~ “There is a reason that art dealers, auctioneers and curators don’t have the gravitas of consultant surgeons, professors of astrophysics or even botanists. It’s because the art world is built, not exactly on a con, but on confidence, a collective agreement that a thing is what it pretends to be, not just what it appears to be, and that it has a value unencumbered by any practical application.” ~ Sentiments with which we wholly concur.

Confident that you will not be disappointed, we invite you to try our 5* service and join our worldwide list of satisfied clients ~ Simply Click on the Products button above, to enjoy browsing a selection of the thousands of Warranted Antiques, Vintage Collectables, and Art and Antiques Reference Works that we currently have on offer, all of which may be ordered at the click of a button. ~