“A la recherche du temps perdu”

eBay logoA classic traditional Sunday afternoon spent at the keyboard, trawling eBay for bargains in a spirit of “where there’s muck there’s brass”, all the while reflecting that there must be many a Trading Standards Officer who could have a field day dealing with the many improperly described items with which the site abounds. That said, an enjoyable and productive session, with one or two desirable pieces added to our tally of purchases made during the past week. Sadly, in view of the present lock-down, searching for fresh stock in fairs and markets being for the moment off-limits, this undoubtedly takes away a great deal of the fun of antiquing as our American friends call it.

In our Blog Post of 30th March, we sought to explain why it is that we prefer not to sell via eBay, and our comments remaining valid, we see no reason to withdraw them. That said, and given the vast throughput of goods offered for sale on the site, there is every reason to use it as a “Happy Hunting Ground” from which to replenish at least some portion of one’s inventory. This because, as we have remarked on past occasions, the Antiques Trade today is, in it’s essentials, very much a knowledge based area of business, and eBay abounds with goods for sale, many of which are, as suggested above, either mis-described, grotesquely undervalued or sometimes both. Thus there exists that happy conjunction of circumstance which allows both Buyer and Seller to meet and, business having been undertaken, each to feel happy with the transaction thus concluded.

Porta 6The serious business of earning a living leavened somewhat by Bach, Handel and Dowland, interspersed with contributions from Queen and other non-Baroque classics, the afternoon passed gently by in a happy haze of tapas and Portuguese Porta 6 courtesy of Majestic ~ Felicidades !