Thank You N.H.S.

Monday, 27 July ~ An unscheduled visit to Shrewsbury Hospital rather spoiled the day’s proceedings ~ Just about to set off to the Post Office to dispatch an order when disaster struck in the form of an uninvited medical emergency ~ Delightful Ugandan District Nurse called, who sadly was unable successfully to deal with the […]

Shipping Costs…….

The CoronaVirus pandemic may have caused a slump in business on the High Street, but it appears to have done nothing whatsoever to slow the exponential increase in the cost of shipping goods overseas. While the Internet has taken much of the hassle out of exporting goods around the world, it has to be admitted […]

The Trade…………..

So you aspire to become an Antique Dealer ~ First of all then ask yourself Why ~ What is it about The Trade that you find so attractive ? If it’s simply a matter of aesthetics, then might you not be more suited training to become an Auctioneer, in which case you can enjoy handling […]