Why bother with a Website ?

We are often asked why it is that we don’t simply sell on eBay, rather than bothering to maintain our own website, The article here reproduced, published recently in The Guardian newspaper, illustrates our stance with perfect clarity, pointing up as it does the sort of difficulty all too often encountered when a small business […]

An Undervalued Educational Resource ~

This week we are making good use of our unexpected free time in purdah due to the Coronavirus emergency to add to our listings of Post-Auction catalogues, our archive of which is perhaps one of the largest in the U.K., outside of those held by the major Auctioneers. Access to these latter collections, the content […]

Treading the Boards………

As earlier remarked, the Potters of Staffordshire often drew inspiration from the roles played by popular actors and actresses of the day, their depictions of these theatrical heroes and heroines thus helping ensure that their names have not been forgotten, but remain embedded, if on occasion only as footnotes, in the history of popular culture. […]

Meanwhile, Back at the Saleroom ~

An enjoyable morning spent at Whitchurch on Saturday where we attended Trevanion and Dean’s regular monthly auction, leaving early in the afternoon in order that we might arrive back in Shrewsbury in plenty of time to secure plum seats at Shropshire Music Trust’s evening concert. Later, at the United Reform Church, we were to be […]

Bingley Hall ~ Stafford

Delighted that our old friend Nick Bayliss of Continuity Fairs has now taken over the management of the Stafford Antiques Fair held at Bingley Hall on the Staffordshire Showground. Formerly a thriving enterprise whilst under the stewardship of the Bowman family, the fair, at which we ourselves exhibited for many years, had deteriorated badly during […]

A Passage to India

My inherited Irish genes having bequeathed to me an abiding loathing of colonialism, I can fully sympathise with those whose Asian heritage would cause them to look askance at the thought of collecting anything which might possibly be construed as glorifying the Raj. However, leaving aside any such prejudices, there is much pleasure to be […]