“You simply can’t find the stock these days…..”

“The problem of course is that you simply can’t get the stock” ~, How often does one hear this plaintive lament from denizens of “The Trade”, many of whom really should know better, for the reality is that one can get all the stock that one wishes so long as one is prepared to go […]

Jack Point ~ Gilbert and Sullivan’s Strolling Jester

The theatre has long proved a fruitful source of inspiration for the Potters of Staffordshire, this fine porcelain figure of “Jack Point” providing an excellent example of this symbiosis. Gilbert and Sullivan’s Savoy Opera, “ The Yeomen of the Guard”, or “The Merryman and his Maid” premiered at the Savoy Theatre in London’s Covent Garden […]

Storm Ciara and the Miners Bridge at Betws-y-Coed

A sad loss this week for all who love North Wales ~ The historic Miners Bridge at Betws-y-Coed was sadly washed away by Storm Ciara, leaving the Afon Llugwy a foaming torrent. Depicted here as painted by Victorian artist William Yale of Stoke, circa 1880, the bridge lay to the north of the village where […]

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Having been advised by a well-meaning friend in “The Trade”, that, next to farming, and arguably with the exception of backing horses, the antiques trade was probably the most rewarding occupation by way of which to lose money, we opened our first shop in 1975 in Sidmouth, Devon ~ Perhaps more by good luck than […]