Social Media ~ Further Reflections

Social Media ~ Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ~ All three of which we ourselves presently use, may at times prove interesting, often indeed fascinating, and are most certainly, undeniably, addictive. However, in considering their effectiveness as marketing aids, is the time devoted to these currently fashionable networking tools really worthwhile, or have we all of […]

Charles Dickens’ Dolly Varden ~ A Royal Doulton Treasure

  Dolly Varden is a fictional character, a gaily dressed coquette, who features in Charles Dickens’ 1839 historical novel Barnaby Rudge, set in 1780. The Dolly Varden costume, consisting of a wide-skirted, tight-bodiced print dress, worn with a white fichu and a flowered hat with a wide drooping brim, was an 1870’s version of the […]

Of Cats and Catalogues ~ Everyday Dealing

Having recently been requested by a friend to appraise a collection of books which she had been given, we approached the task with a certain degree of reservation, preferring generally to avoid the pitfalls likely to be encountered when conducting business transactions with friends. In the event, since any funds raised were to be donated […]

On a political note ~ Reflections on Brexit

We have just returned from spending ten days in Portugal where our friends of various European nationalities were as one in their bafflement at the folly of the U.K. Government in pursuing Brexit, regarding it in equal measure as a ridiculous and offensive policy. Our hostess being a woman of sound common sense from the […]