To Auction ~ Or Not ?

As will be perfectly clear to those who take the trouble to investigate the matter, auction salerooms, which usually capture the imagination of the public when some item of great importance or value makes the headlines, more typically act on a day-to-day basis as clearing houses for unwanted goods of every sort. Deceased Estates and […]

On Auctions and Auctioneers ~ Random Reflections

Prompted to rush to the keyboard following another entertaining episode of “Celebrity Antiques Road Trip”, this time, c. 2012, featuring Thomas Plant, and our favourite Auctioneer, { except, that is, when he is expounding upon the subject of Royal Doulton Crinoline Figurines ! }, James Lewis, and their celebrity guests. As will be clear from […]

In Dublin’s Fair City ~ A Royal Doulton Rarity

Molly Malone is a popular song set in Dublin, Ireland, which tells the fictional tale of a fishmonger who plied her trade on the streets of the city. The song has, over the years, come to be regarded as Dublin’s unofficial anthem, and, during the Millennium celebrations in 1988, 13 June was declared to be […]

Catalogues ~ An Undervalued Educational Resource

By their nature, ephemeral publications, Auction Catalogues, particularly those produced for marketing purposes by the major auction houses to promote their sales are, generally speaking, seriously undervalued as an educational resource. This same criticism may fairly be applied, albeit to a lesser degree, to Exhibition Catalogues published by museums and others to accompany transient cultural […]

Reginald Johnson ~ Staffordshire Potter Extraordinaire

Reginald Johnson was Director of Design for Royal Doulton group, working mainly for the Paragon and Royal Albert brands. His Royal Albert bird plates from the 1980s are much appreciated by collectors and his commemorative designs for Paragon have celebrated many royal occasions over the years. For the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in […]