Over the Rainbow ~ Victorian Lustres

Once to be found capturing the sun’s rays in every middle and upper class home, these highly decorative domestic accessories fell from favour after the first World War. Sadly, along with much else of purely aesthetic, as opposed to practical value, they came to be regarded by all too many as “Victorian clutter”, and were […]

Selling your Antiques ~ Our Advice

Like most Antique Dealers we tend normally to buy the vast bulk of our stock at auction. There are many perfectly good reasons for this, not the least of which is that goods purchased in this way can be shown to have been acquired both legally and fairly within a properly regulated professional arena. That […]

Collecting Royal Doulton ~ Ebb Tide

Prices for Royal Doulton antiques and collectables have for the moment retreated somewhat from the dizzy heights attained a decade ago. However, you should not allow this fact to deter you in your quest to seek out the best quality pieces available in the marketplace. Whether to concentrate on pots, plates, or figurines is an […]

Smoke and Mirrors ~ The Mirage of Falling Prices

At the moment, we are constantly hearing, particularly from television pundits, that the prices paid for antiques have fallen significantly across the board, in what might be termed the “brown furniture syndrome”. While in empirical terms the bulk of the evidence would appear to support this view, we would caution Collectors against swallowing this half […]

Antique Dealing and Social Media

Social Media can, let’s face it , be both addictively absorbing and at the same time, lots of fun. As a set of networking tools, Twitter, Facebook, et al, properly utilised, have the potential to expand not only one’s circle of friends, but in a business context, to both broaden and deepen your organisation’s customer […]